Come and play with your friends!

The starting time of the race is approaching. The engines of the race cars rev up, eager for the sprint, with a thousand horsepower ready to go. The air vibrates above the dark gray asphalt. While the pilots concentrate on the red start light signal, the excited audience in the stands watches both the light and the cars. Only moments left... and suddenly, the engines of all cars roar. Start!

If you don not want to miss an exciting race, register and predict race by race who will be the winner.

Forma-1 race car

If there are several of you playing, form groups and predict together the results of the races of the 2024 Formula 1 season.

Points are awarded for correct guesses, which show who guesses the best among you.

The game only lasts until the end of the racing season. This is not gambling and there is no prize, just friendly entertainment! Participation is free, you can read the details and game rules at user terms and game rules.